Adventures in Vermont

 I have fallen deeply and irrevocably in love with Vermont.  We came home today and although I was eager to go get back to Brookline, because, it’s well…home,  I was also crestfallen to leave.

We’ve enjoyed the kind of slow pace I knew I wanted but had no idea how much I truly needed.  I’ve sat quietly without expecting things to work a certain way, watched the girls also connect to a sense of calm. The log cabin we called home is tucked in a serene spot off a verdant windy road that barely gets any traffic. We were surrounded by trees and the sound of happy birds. It rained non-stop since we arrived, but somehow every morning we got a slight reprieve and we managed to get out with enough time to hit the roads and do some low-key exploration. Always in the background coming into the cabin, from every window, we enjoyed the sound of a spectacular waterfall.


I had simple goals on day 1. Write, read, meditate, and plan my calendar. I had secondary aims of creating syllabi for my fall classes and going through a mountain of paperwork that weighs my bag every single day.


Writing the entries on the blog have sparked the writing. I struggle with identifying as a writer and generating continuous material, so writing a blog entry is a big boost. Often in my entries, the prose is clunky and choppy but I enjoy interweaving images which are so much fun for me to take and at times procure. It’s a state of being and takes me a while to live in that writer’s space.

Here’s the punchline: I didn’t check everything off my list but I didn’t care. Everything I didn’t do on my list means that I managed to sneak something else that brought me closer to my own disheveled brain and to my family.



A client recommended Headspace as a primer to meditation.  One of their taglines is:”It only takes a few minutes to change the rest of your day.”


I downloaded the app a couple of months ago but only had time to try it during the Vermont week. Easy!  Nice and super revelatory process for me.  I’ll talk a bit more about my experience with Headspace on another post.


I had been chomping at the bits to get my mechanical keyboard from Lofree and it was a blast to be perched up in that sunny cabin sitting in a cozy studio clicking away on the keyboard. I I brought it to the coworking space, people might throw paperclips at me, but I was on such a roll in my retro typing that it made me want a cigarette.



We packed for rugged- living. Think bikes, rain boots, big beach towels, food and anti-bug stuff. These Ikea BRODERLIG bags were amazing for trunk organization and toting stuff about.

The FRAKTA long duffle bags in the indistinguishable Ikea blue was the ultimate clothing carryall. The DIMPA became our dirty clothes hamper and wet towel totes.

That’s it for now. I have a ton more to share about surprising places we discovered in Vermont. All I can say is that I am already planning our next visit.

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