You found my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

For years I fought with myself about creating content for this blog. The practical side of me dictated that, in no uncertain terms, my blog would be about one unified topic only.

“Listen,” she said, “you need to walk a straight one topic line here, so your blog is not all schizophrenicky.” My practical side continued: “The last thing you want is for the content to present you, the writer, as a wobbly dilettante without a writer’s compass.”

Those were strong words of advice.

She continued  using fancy French words like “niche” and ugly words like“fragmented.” So I tried to listen. I really did. I birthed versions of this blog only to kill them off in an infanticidal brutal outburst. I littered the cosmos of the internet wasteland with different variants of topic blogs, sharpened with acute focus, only to discard them wistfully, wondering if I’d see them again.

I wish I could tell you, friends, that my epiphany was like a light-filled realistic Vermeer painting. It wasn’t. I was sitting around my house, counting piles of laundry avoiding  college papers I had to grade. I stumbled into the kitchen, pulled out some rotting kale — hope in a green leafy plant that would give me a healthy life — and threw it in the trash. No sooner had I realized the putrid greens would stink up the trash,  I zeroed in on the mounds of papers that littered our home. Two adults, three kids (two of them teens) and a free-roaming litter-trained bunny, apparently generate paper. Lots of it.  I sunk uncomfortably into one my mismatched dining room chairs with a tepid cup of coffee and had a WTF moment. This might be the opposite of an Aha Oprah moment, I think.  WTF is the spontaneous utterance out of someone’s mouth if they would have seen my appearance just then, seeing me in such a state. Future friends, I tell you, that in that moment I realized that I am in fact a moving target in life. At times my houses (metaphorical and bricks-and-mortar) are in perfect alphabetized harmony. Other times,  they are in chaos. Within the chaos though, I saw the color from my countries, my ethnic ingredients,  my heritage, my passions and interests and my appreciation for my own version of the universe.

So this will not be a blog about one thing but about healthy doses of the many, many things I like, take notice of, and observe. My sincere wish is that in these posts you find a bit of both common and uncommon ground, and that we connect, if only for a brief moment.

Welcome y Bienvenidos,


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