Links & things for chaos prevention

These old faithfuls kept me somewhat sane during AWP17:






  1. A portable charger. Ha! So long suckers who have to fight for outlets in every corner of the conference venue. I use this one to keep me juiced up.
  2. LOQI bags because I always pick up too many things at the Bookfair
  3. This functional and small new backpack by Everlane. Big enough for my MacBook Air, and deep enough for some bulky things, even lightweight sneakers.  I chose white and haven’t washed the yuck I’ve managed to spill over it, but I am confident it will clean easily.
  4.  Mavala lip balm– For years I have hoarded extras because I am afraid that one day I’ll wake up and someone will discontinue this luxurious, rich smelling, perfect balm. Don’t do it Mavala.




  1. Best travel piece all around. Period.  By Crane & Lion : It’s a scarf, a wrap cardigan a shawl, it fits everywhere and I own 3! Though C&L specialize in gorgeous and functional workout clothing, their lifestyle pieces are yum.
  2.  I learned my lesson carrying around large surface notebooks to scrawl, write, and doodle. Once in a workshop a woman next to me remarked on how much she liked the way I was taking notes. I need space and room to spread my thoughts people! However, I wound up carrying too many things, my bags multiplied and all of them were too heavy to carry around comfortably. For this #AWP17 I grabbed myself some lightweight compact yet spacious smaller notebooks by Semikolon. Check them out!  A gorgeous site with tempting options. Thank goodness for Google Translate.



Anyone who knows me will tell you I am big on snacks and I like them to be pretty. Here are some of the stops I made:

Pain Quotidien: I’ve been to the ones in Ct, NYC and was happily surprised that they were around the corner from my hotel in D.C. New faves from their winter menu: Steamed ginger lemon drink I picked up a large one of these every morning on the way in to the conference and a Daily Blend on the way back. Pick up the refreshing cups of natural juices and whole fruits and veggies and bring them up to the counter for an on-the-spot-blend.



When I tweeted out that the lines were worth it, I wasn’t kidding. These are nice folks and the coffee is worth the long line. Writer in one place gravitate towards caffeine.

Writers and caffeine

Compass Coffee– Incredible smooth coffee and nice people


They make a great Cortadito and it’s almost as good as the one my friends in Brookline’s 4-A make it.


  1.  All over great screen and eyeglass  electronics cleaning cloth by Real Simple. I make a mess out of my eyeglasses all the time and this cloth is my savior. Since it’s big enough for my laptop screen too, my eyes and electronics are smudge-free.
  2. Muji Gel Pens- Muji has my heart in every single curated object they carry. I have too many colors of this pen but enjoy them all the same.



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