Kick off to the Stuff Manager

Tuesday. I finished an editing project that was delightful and important. The Cambridge Women’s Commission hired me to copyedit, and I couldn’t have been prouder to be associated with what they do. I’ll tell you about it once it’s ready for primetime. This means I’ll claim most of my summer days for writing and for finding a way to my brain. It’s going to be a great ride. The essays I’ve been compiling for the Stuff Manager are finally happening. The research for them and other projects have bugged me for years. The pressure for accountability is real. Now that I have told you, my million readers, about this next step: it will happen. You will keep me honest, won’t you?

Here is an example of stuff I manage: Finding things.


P.S. Happy News. She was found, and her head made it back to her body. My husband recuperated the photos she was keeping, some of those our youngest took in Barcelona. Backstory: We bought this camera/android Barbie because we thought it was all sorts of crazy over-the-top surveillance gadget for children. Plus, it appealed to my penchant for ‘things that aren’t what they are’ or ‘things that are what they aren’t.  We all had fun taking silly 3-megapixel photos and forgot about it.  So, during a search for something else, the doll resurfaced.  We could tell there were photos in her but couldn’t extract the images. Our youngest thought it’d be cool to take her head off, hand it back to the Barbie (sans platter). Once a suitable cable came to us via Amazon, I got the text you see above there.


Trying to find the link for the Barbie I came across this disturbing (and fabulous)  Pinterest page.  Barbie is an extreme-fantasy facilitator.

Here are some gems we discovered.


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