The Stuff Manager Continues

I taught Zero to Memoir at GrubStreet. I know that if you’ve ever struck up a conversation with me about writing you’ve heard me rant and rave about how GrubSteet is magical.  It’s a blast for me to teach there. I get to use my Creative Writing background and ninja skills to in front of a group of students who all choose to be there. It’s a different audience by far from my college students. Do I ever love teaching the Zero to Memoir class! The students who show up are at different places in their writing. Most of them though are looking to a path forward. I try to point them in some direction, give them a bit of craft, and a lot of encouragement. I learn something new every time, and I incorporate that into my teaching practice and course content. I try to give offer some paths forward after we all leave the Grub space. My greatest let down is to leave a class or conference and have all that adrenaline to go to a place where it withers and dies. That is real. I give them some goal posts they can follow through later about both working on a project, and building writing practice. That is the stuff I preach (won’t follow the advice). 15 folks registered for the course. Keep coming people, I honestly do enjoy teaching you what I can.

I wanted to teach some long-term classes at GrubStreet, but this was not the semester to do it. I am teaching a 10-week class over the summer, which is another favorite to teach: Go There: Writing about Difficult Subject Matter. Want to register for it? Do it here:

Go There Writing About Difficult Subject Matter

We’ve covered so much in this class: #metoo, political divides, racism, trauma, mourning, divorce, illness, family conflicts, mental illness, sexuality, and gender.

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