Around the Bookfair @ AWP16

Neat, Cool Booths & Discoveries

Broadsided Press

I have a slight fixation with Viewmasters and have been smitten with them since I first held in front of my face. Pure magic  happened between my eyes and that reel. The more I pushed down on the side lever enjoying the springy sound that came from each new image, the more entranced I became.


image by


Someone set up a trap for me: Headphones and a Viewmaster.  I stopped cold in my tracks. In the delightfulest discovery ever, I met the delightful creator of this press: Elizabeth Bradfield. So I put on the headphones and listened to some  atmospheric sounds and music,  held the Viewmaster up to my face and began reading  poems that floated in front of me.  Here is what you’ll find is the description of Elizabeth’s vision:

“Before paperbacks and pocket books, before blogs, there were broadsides.Every day, we walk past billboards for shops and car dealers, for churches and insurance, but our streets, our daily lives among each other, are missing something. They’re missing thought. Dialogue. Opinion. Ideas.”



On the first of every month, a new Broadsided literary/visual collaboration will be posted here for you to download. FREE.

What’s more, Vectors (this could be you!) will post them in cafes, hallways, and elsewhere. See where Vectors are posting and add your town.

Here’s the latest poem: “Spring” Why don’t you go ahead and start posting?

Here is a downloadable “about us”


Another Neat Sighting at the Bookfair


I must have been living under a rock because I don’t know this cool thing exists:

Bookview Now some big-name author interviews are up and ready for you to watch.

2016 AWP Bookfair Video on Demand


between interviews



Also:  Handy advice for AWP’ers heed the warnings my friends.



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