Around the Bookfair @ AWP16

Neat, Cool Booths & Discoveries


I am a distracted sieve-mind of a writer. I am especially worse in libraries where I begin perusing the stacks to find marvelous shiny titles. Exhibit A:

Lost myself in this book

Anyhoo- What do you think about Freewrite? I love the idea, typography, the type-writer thing it has going for it. I am not super jazzed about the weight, the E-ink (haven’t managed to fall in love with E-ink yet) or the manual options to work on multiple documents at once.


Sabbatical Homes

Are you an educator, writer or student looking for temporary housing? Check this out:  The lovely Nadege Conger, who is the super hands-on founder of spent some time explaining why she created the service. Mainly? The advantages and  affordability of a sharing economy and a novel solution for academics who often find temporary housing options to be limiting. Nadege, likes the low-key approach to her site. She wants to encourage trust and affordability.

The folks were giving away a free one year domain name. You sign up for a year and the opt to renew at 21 dollars per month. So, as of today I have to play with!

Talking Book

In my past life, when I was 14 or so, I was producing my own This American Life kinda show, except without an audience, or Ira’s quirky voice. My tape recorder, was low-tech at best, and I couldn’t find a good way to splice the music in. That’s for another post. The thing is that surrounding a story with spoken word and sound is the best way for a large majority of readers to enjoy books.  Talking Book had a great looking booth with a nice display with a demo. Liquid-like images moved in front of you, while a comfy set of headphones gave the viewer the audible experience.

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