AWP2016 Los Angeles style

Bit Thoughts

I’m writing this little post having escaped from the Convention Center to get some coffee. I am on overload. Except that I’ve wondered aimlessly trying to find some coffee and wound up in the same hotel lounge I was at last night. It’s big and noisy here, but it will do.



I’ll go back to and capture the dynamic sessions, the takeaways from the the past two days, but it is impossible now and my notes are so cryptic it’s going to take someone like Turing to help me decipher them. I need to spend time thinking about some of what I experienced here so far. I need to quietly allow the conversations with new and long time friends to sync in and imprint. In the mean time, here’s a list of thoughts.

  • The first day , right before picking up my badge in an interminable long line, I said  hello to the inspiring poet,  Naomi Shihab Nye. It was a brief warm interaction where I reminded her how we knew each other. She’s a dear friend of talented business woman and designer, for whom I worked in San Antonio Texas. Kathleen Sommers has a knack for creating beautiful designs and a vibrant eclectic community. What I didn’t get a chance to tell Naomi is that reading Lullaby Raft , a dreamy children’s book, was one of my daughter’s favorite bed time routines. Running into Naomi, gave me a little bit of my San Antonio back, and as we said goodbye, her genuine bright  smile set the tone for my day.
  • Ran through the Bookfair to find Lesley MFA connections. Author Hester Kaplan, who is the interim director of the program, Cheryl Eagen-Donovan, a dedicated film maker who has been working on a documentary Nothing is Truer than Truth about “A-list party boy Edward de Vere as he travels in Italy and becomes the great writer “Shake-speare.” Then, after serious attempts trying to get together in Cambridge while only blocks away from each other, I caught up with my dearest and multi-talented friend Janet Pocorobba.
  • Every once in a while I’d run into familiar faces and after stumbling a bit, we’d call out possible place where and how we might have known each other: “Grubstreet!,”  “Seattle’s AWP!”
  • Briefly met author Joey Franklin, who clued me in about a wonderful piece called,
    The Development of Autobiographical Memory.  Joey is also a professor who teaches creative nonfiction writing and has an upcoming book, My Wife Wants You to Know I’m Happily Married, which seems like a great fit for the  workshopping process, so  I am going to be reading it soon.



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