AWP-esque play time Around Los Angeless

Fun places to check out (as I did)  out in L.A.

Trejo’s Tacos–  Remember Machete? Fresh and all sorts of yum. Nice people, long lines but fast service. The tacos are on the small side but fresh as all heck. Make sure you allow for parking time. It got a bit tricky and we were there on a weekend.


The Last Bookstore

One of the most incredible bookstores I have ever seen. The inside is stunning and vast. It’s a bit Steampunk, Goth, and art installation. The book inventory is mind-blowing. The second floor has interesting shops.


Hung out with friends:


The Supremes- Ito Romo, Richard Blanco, Octavio Quintanilla and yo.

Some other good eatin’



And some well-deserved sweets


Around the area:

I had been to L.A. several times but never walked around downtown. There was way too much to see taking breaks from the conference, but what I found was worth the time. The Spring Arcade is a nice way to cut across, there are shops, like this cool one, restaurants and reminds me of the one in Brookline.



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